Meet the popular actress from Scandinavia, whose reputation as a top model has made her a household name in her native Norway. She is a motivational speaker, whose passion for health and fitness has made her a hot ticket on the speaker's circuit. She is probably the most featured Playmate of the Year, in the history of Playboy Magazine, garnering eight Playboy covers. She's posed for what many consider the most "striking Playmate pictorial ever." And in Playboys 45th Anniversary issue, Lillian Müller was named one of the top 100 "Sex Stars of the Century."

Lillian first became an actress in Germany in 1975 when she played lead roles in major films, such as "Rosemary's Daughter." Lillian has played opposite the most amazing leading men. She costarred with Tom Selleck in the opening series of "Magnum P.I." She acted opposite Tony Curtis in the comedy "Casanova & Co.," Rock Hudson in "Superstunt II," and Bill Cosby in "The Devil and Max Devlin." She also costarred with: Pierce Bronsan, Elliot Gould, Vincent Price, Dudley Moore, Kirstie Alley and Ted Danson. In all, Lillian has been featured in more than 30 movies and television shows, among which are "Remington Steel," "Starsky and Hutch," "Once Upon a Spy," "Eischeid" and "Fantasy Island." Lillian was the lead in Rod Stewart's video, "Do You Think I'm Sexy?"

During Lillian's early career as a model and actress, she gained notoriety by posing for Playboy Magazine. After she moved to the United States, Lillian became the 1976 "Playmate of the Year." She captured the eye- and heart- of Hugh Hefner and they were involved in a passionate relationship.

Lillian is the author of "Feel Great, Be Beautiful Over 40." She has been interviewed on several news and talk shows, including "Good Morning America," "Howard Stern," "Extra," and "The Tonight Show."

Lillian walks her talk. She exercises daily. She's been a consummate vegetarian for 25 years and has never used tobacco, alcohol or drugs. Lillian attributes her looks- she appears over 10 years younger than her actual age- to her lifestyle.

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